Undeniably Real

I started writing this post thinking I would only focus on single, young adult Christians who may be striving for a quality, Christ centered relationship, which, it is targeted to this group. But the ending encompasses Easter – Jesus’s story and how satan has no stronghold.

Love is beautiful. It molds itself into many relationships; a mother and a daughter, a man and his dog, two best friends, and the most profound love of all, us and Jesus. But there is a certain kind of love that transpires when a man and a woman fall in love. It is deep, it is complex, yet it holds simplicity when it is undeniably real. Everyone wants this kind of love – the kind that makes the world stop spinning for just a moment when you look deep into his/her eyes, and feel the infinite sense of true love. The kind that allows you to open up and let in. The kind that lets you take risks and become adventurous… together. The kind that is undeniably real.

The last boyfriend  I had was during my sophomore year. It lasted about 3 months total (if you count the “talking” part prior to the actual relationship.) He was an incredible person. I enjoyed his company and how sweet he was, but I didn’t feel the need to date someone that I knew wasn’t going to be “the one.” Fast forwarding two years later to now, I have recently seen many of my peers find significant others and I have been watching so many television shows and movies with some sort of love interest, and I have grown desperate – desperate for a relationship.

This is a place that I need to step away from, and fast. I know that it is okay to enjoy the thought of a real, authentic, Christ centered relationship, but never to the point of being so desperate that it leads to things like selfishness, and even lust. I keep saying “I’ll find the right person in college,” yet I know that it should never be my top priority in any situation to seek out a boyfriend.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take..” I have to know that God’s timing is precise, accurate, and better than any of the plans that I make to find the perfect person. A time will come where God will show me that person. It will be obvious and it will feel completely right, but I need patience. Yes, there have been people along the way since my sophomore year where I have questioned if it was right, but I know that God would have made it clear to me. 

To any young adult reading this, be patient. Love is a beautiful and intricate feeling that God intended for everyone to possess and appreciate, but all in the right timing. It will happen. When you find yourself struggling with the enemy’s lies telling you that you will be alone forever, rebuke him. Tell him that you are loved by a Creator that loves you already, and wants you to have that undeniably real love too. What I have found out is when you speak it out loud, rebuking satan and praising Jesus, something clicks. Today is Easter and I was reminded that “the resurrected King is resurrecting me.” The tomb was only borrowed for three days. The only thing that God has ever stolen was that dark grave. After Jesus was beaten, embarrassed, humiliated, stripped, torn apart, thrown around, pierced, and crucified, He died, hanging on that cursed cross.

I always think, if I were living back then, what part would I have played? Would I be the crowd, standing by, laughing, and spitting in my Saviors face? Or would I be the soldiers, pushing and shoving Jesus Christ Himself right into His death? I like to think I would be the few people who stood at Jesus’s feet, sobbing, asking for forgiveness, mourning over the Saviors death – but I can’t say that I would be in that position. I don’t know where I would be. All I know is that He did it all for me. For you. For everyone. For the believers, the gays, straights, liars, lusters, murderers, lovers, atheists, sinners. He did it for everyone. And three days later, after that tomb was borrowed, Jesus rose.

The same Jesus that rose so many years ago, the Jesus that breathed on His people, is breathing on us and is alive in us. This love is undeniably real. The reason why I talked about the meaning of Easter is because Jesus is alive – and any time that you rebuke Satan out loud, he will know that God is not messing around. God wants you to experience undeniable love, just like the love that Jesus has for you, and that you, and I, should have for Him. Just don’t strive for it out of desperation. It is all in His timing.


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