A Circle Has No Start or End

God has always been, and will always be… something you hear often. And if you think about this statement long enough, your head will start spinning in circles, because that’s what God is, an infinite circle that doesn’t start, and doesn’t end.

When you open your bible to the very first page of Genesis, the first line you read is, “In the beginning.” This beginning marks the beginning of life on Earth, but I often identify this beginning not only as Earth’s beginning, but as God’s beginning too, as if He was created by something, or someone else.

This is a false accusation of mine that needs to be shut down immediately, because I believe that God’s ubiquitous life is so fascinating that I cannot simply categorize it as a story or a history lesson. God’s ubiquitous life is past, present, and future, and it takes part in every moment of my life. It is not merely something you read about in 66 books, but it is a current event – a never ending phenomenon that never ceases, and never stops being. But here’s another fascination, it isn’t only my life that He resides, it’s the lives of everyone and everything too, all at once – at the same time. At every moment He is there; omnipresent, always being, and always continuing to be.

I start to think about back when God first created Earth, how marvelous that would have been to watch it live in person. My mind can’t help but think that the moment that Earth was created, God was created too. It’s just a natural instinct to picture God being made. But the fact of the matter is that He wasn’t – He just always was. He created me, He didn’t create Himself.

This is where my mind starts to spin in circles because as humans, we watch everything happen and we see tangible items, and even human beings, be created. We know how it, or they, were created and realize that nothing simply appears – it is made. But God goes against the basic laws that humanity has made because He in fact is fascinating and is capable of doing way more than anything anyone can think of. Because of this, the human mind cannot comprehend that God was not made. God just is, was, and always will be, something I will never comprehend…

That’s the best thing about God, I don’t have to comprehend it. I don’t HAVE to know the why’s behind life and the the small details like how many pieces of grass there are in the world. This kind of astounding information is waiting for me when I finally meet my Maker in the end, but that end will only be another beginning – the beginning of infinity.


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