Outward Adult, Inner Child

Babies stare, toddlers ask questions. Tweens follow, teens change. And once you hit 18, you’re “finding yourself.” That’s how the world tells you it’s supposed to be, at least. So each of these age groups follow that chain and go with it – they roll with the punches and agree to play “society says,” all while missing the point of actually living.

Society Says is an unknown game to man made up by yours truly. It’s where society says something like, “Worry about how many likes you get on that instagram picture,” and thereafter, well, society listens. Here’s the catch though: Everyone is playing it, but nobody ever realizes that they are.

I pray for more of our generation to live like my very first sentence: Babies stare, toddlers ask questions.

Side Note: It’s healthy to follow that chain to a certain extent… you have to first follow to lead, you have to first grow to change, and you have to find yourself at some point. But within this all, living with childlike wonder attached to your every thought is necessary while en route to a fulfilling life.

Ask questions often and stare at God’s beauty.

Ask questions – in your head and out loud. By thinking of “what if’s,” and internally exploring the possible unknown, you’re one step closer to wondering like a child.

Be amazed by the fact that you see the sun so much closer than the stars, yet there are some stars ten times the size of the sun. Wonder about the destination of the family driving next to you, or what kind of a day the person driving in front of you is having. Think about how many species of animals truly live on this Earth and strive to see every one of them.

I took this picture on a morning hike along the Spooner Lake Summit Trail in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I vividly remember looking up and smiling as the trees absorbed the sun’s bright yellow light perfectly.

These are a few steps that I’ve learned helps in the process of complete submission to admiration:

1. When you go to a new place, do not compare it to somewhere else… evaluate where you are, ask questions, and scope out its newness.

2. Take pictures, but not so many that you miss the reality of where you are and what you are visibly seeing.

3. Take home natural souvenirs – like giant pine cones or beautiful rocks… this is the best remembrance of where you were and what you accomplished.

4. Learn to be a “morning person.” (Mornings and mid-days are my favorite because of breakfast, sunrises, happy music, fresh air, and coffee.) When you do, your perspective on the day changes and those who are not “morning people” begin to enjoy your positivity in the mornings. Also, you have even more of an opportunity to enjoy your day from its beginning to very end.

5. Take smart risks. Not risks that put you in total visible potential danger – but if you want a picture standing on a rock atop a mountain peak, I say strike a pose.

6. Breathe and look. Be conscious of the fresh air that you breathe and aware of the sights set in front of you. When you are conscious and aware, you honestly cannot help but smile.

This is the simplest and most crucial piece of advice I can ever deal out: The only way to be amazed by something is to be amazed. I told you, simple. So simple that absolutely anyone can achieve it. When you wish for eyes that want to see detail and hope for a heart that strives for sold out adventure, in my opinion, you’re doing life correctly.


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