Ahh, freshmen year of college has arrived! “Today starts the best years of your life,” they say!

You unload your chic dorm room ideas into your perfect living space, you walk around campus with your parents and have a “movie moment” as you smile to yourself, and you are cheered on by your fellow schoolmates because guess what, you are here! Through the high energy excitement you hear a knock on your door. It’s a new friend down the hall from you and her name is realization. She introduces herself to you and says, “Hi! I’m sorry, but you’re on your own,” and all you can say is, “Oh no.”

Now comes the moment where you suddenly feel insecure because you know that some upperclassmen are quietly judging your try-hard freshmen awkwardness, you cry due to overwhelming pressure and stress, and you see that without your mom, you don’t know how to properly place the filter into your water pitcher. But wait! there’s more. Your new “friend” realization keeps coming back to tell you that you are a clueless mess, that you do not know how to properly start the shower without 1. freezing or 2. being naked in front of everyone, and that you have no one to hug yet when you feel lonely and homesick. At this point you are tired, sad, and ready to go back home, but again, realization tells you that this has to be your new home now.

Then you hear another knock on your door. With tears in your eyes and frustration in your mind, you open the door expecting realization to be there again. But this time a few new faces stand before you and their names are Trust, Peace, and Openness.

Trust sobs when He sees you and questions why you ran from Him.

Peace greets you with a hug and tells you that He has your heart in His hands.

Openness challenges you to stop living in senior year of high school and to be bold…

You have a realization, but not from your friend down the hall:
You realize that realization is the enemy, and the Lord wants to meet you where you are…

Let God refresh you and do not let the enemy restrain you.

I look back and notice that I spend so much time praying and asking the Lord where I am called to, but I often forget to ask Him to help me get there once He calls me. Though He makes the plan, I tend to make the details without first asking for guidance. So, when I arrived on campus two days ago, I quickly became overwhelmed with realizations from the enemy rather than becoming overwhelmed with peace from Spirit, and I let the enemy get to me. But then God told me that yes, seasons change, but I remain. And just the word “remain” itself gave me peace and relief. I let God be God, and I let Him refresh me with His immense love.

I am a freshmen all over again. My best friend’s are freshmen all over again at different colleges. We don’t know how to get from building to building on campus yet, we are slowly learning the “do’s” and “don’ts” to keep us somewhat cool, and we have to create a foundation of new friends. But we are not freshmen in high school… we have have grown, matured, and found our identity in Christ. I am ready to enjoy it, cluelessness and all.

“Though the seasons change, Your love remains.” 


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