Perspective: Blessed

One morning last week, I was standing in front of my back porch door and patiently watched the snow fall. I noticed how the wind’s motion was unstoppable and unpredictable as it chose certain sections of the snow to swiftly move, like a joyful dance. I also noticed the snow’s sweet sound of absolute silence – unlike the rain, which creates a soothing and rhythmic tap. Then, I felt the urge to sit on the floor. Right away, I saw inconsistent icicles lining the bottom side of the deck’s fence. I also witnessed each individual snowflake gently glide to the ground, weaving together the deck’s bright, white blanket of snow.

I could easily parallel each observation from this morning with the possibility of what God is showing me, like how the wind “represents” the way that the Lord is unstoppable in how He moves. Or, how each individual snowflake “represents” situations through each day that weave together the entirety of life. Or, I could simply take the observations as they are: beauty in winter.

This is perspective.

I’ve decided that for the next couple months, I’m going to go through a series called “Perspective:” followed by a new perspective that I have learned.

There is an infinite amount of lessons to learn, places to explore, people to meet, feelings to feel, goals to achieve… there is even an infinite amount of “infinite amounts.” All I know is that I’m here, I’m alive, and I’m alive with a purpose. Part of that purpose is to learn perspective, and for me, that starts with the very basics… things that I thought I learned years ago, but haven’t truly lived out until recently…

“Let not your heart utter anything hastily before the Lord, for God is in Heaven, and you are on Earth.”
– Ecclesiastes 5:2

I am blessed.

I’m blessed with the Lord’s joy, true contentment, and the gift of perspective.

To me, perspective is my own plus the constant addition of God’s as He reveals it to me over time. This is something I have focused on and prayed about over the last few weeks and I have learned three lessons through it:

  1. I am thankful for joy
  2. My attitude determines the kind of day I will have
  3. Being in nonstop conversation with God shows me my blessings and contentment…

These lessons are simple, common, and cliché… So much so that I learned a fourth lesson: Sometimes “cliché” is overlooked.

“Everything happens for a reason.”
“Teamwork makes the dream work.”
“Practice makes perfect.”

When I hear sayings like these so often, they become nothing but commonly used words… empty. My response to any one of those would be, “Yeah, yeah. I know I get it.” I would look right over these words and get on with my day.

“I’m blessed.”
“Attitude is everything.”
“Pray about it.”

Empty? Nothing but words? Yeah, that has usually been the case. I’ve always known that I am blessed, but because I heard those sayings so much, I began overlooking what joy, attitude, and prayer for perspective change meant until, ironically, I prayed about it. Within weeks I saw the effects of genuine joy, felt my own attitude shift, and heard God a lot.

Let me give you an example:
It was a Monday. I had two exams and a biology lab the next day. It was also one of those days when I felt like the world was working against every task that I had to accomplish. So, I told myself, “Tomorrow will suck, and so will my mood.”And just as quickly as I conjured up those words and threw them at God, He hit me right back with, “Tomorrow will be good, and so will your mood.”

Was “tomorrow” good? Of course.
My mood, also? You betcha.

I know that my thoughts are the primary cause of everything – every person I encounter, every adventure that I  go on… literally, everything.

Once I really started to see the good in all things, to pinpoint the blessings around me, and to listen to that same Voice who altered my original negative thought into a completely different message, I realized that the cliché sayings I mentioned earlier are the very root of positive living.

One of the greatest blessings that I have is perspective. So whether I’m paralleling metaphors in the midst of nature or simply looking at it, my perspective is being transformed at every moment through the metaphors and by the looks.