Pre-Haiti Thoughts in the Air

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
1:14 p.m.
Destination: Haiti

People are praying. Isn’t that knowledge comforting?

I have gotten loads of texts and notes from friends and family. It’s wonderful to see the greatness of prayer and how humbling it is to know that my friends and family are praying for this team. One prayer, though, has been glued to my thoughts from a good friend of mine who said, “I pray that people see God in you and that you see God in everything.”

See God in everything. What a vast statement; a powerful prayer.

This morning, I read Psalm 15 which starts with two questions: “Who may worship You in your sanctuary, Lord? Who may enter your presence on Your holy hill?”

David then explains in the following verses characteristics of those who may worship The Lord in this way. He then ends with an encouraging phrase of confidence to everyone when he says, “such people will stand firm forever.”

When I read those questions, I immediately thought that I am no where worthy enough to dwell in the Lord’s sanctuary or even be in His holy presence. I do not even live up to the characteristics that David lays out in verses 2-5. Sometimes, I do not even see myself trying to possess those characteristics and my heart is content with stunted growth.

But I know two things:

  1. God’s grace and love for me is massive – so massive that I cannot comprehend it.
  2. After reading this Psalm, my heart’s desire was transformed to become the person who can worship Him in His sanctuary.

I prayed about this prayer, “that people see God in you and that you see God in everything,” and God revealed to me that the only way people will see God in me is if I know that God is in me, which means that I need to be continually desiring to grow deeper in my relationship with Him.

Right now, I’m sitting next to a woman who does not speak my language, yet as I listen to her pray and water her worship our God through music on her phone, I know exactly what she is saying, and Who she is saying it to.

From what I am hearing and seeing to the right and a tad bit in front of me, there are more missionaries ready to serve in this country. Even the girls behind me seem to be going to Haiti for yet another kind of mission. Though all of our work will most likely be completely different, we are still partaking in the same exact mission; furthering God’s Kingdom and serving His people.

When we get off this plane, my team and I will be driving from Port Au Prince to Les Cayes. The woman next to me, the people on the other side of me, and the girls behind me will be spreading out to spread God’s name across the country. Just take a second to really focus on that imagery… God is placing every team on this plane with a destination and a mission in different parts of Haiti so that people will see God in us, and that we will see God in it all. God is with us, God is in us. God is with Haiti, God is in Haiti.

This journey has only just begun, and I am already seeing God in everything.

Yes, our team will be blessing the people of Haiti. And yes, the people of Haiti will be blessing us.


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