To step foot onto every continent –

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Africa
  4. Antarctica
  5. Europe
  6. Asia
  7. Australia
  8. To go on 20 road trips before I am 30 that I remember [11/20]
  9. To visit (countries other that U.S): 
    Canada  (Niagara Falls)
    South Africa
    New Zealand
  10. To go to the Grand Canyon
  11. To go to New York and visit Time Square
  12. To visit the tip of South Africa
  13. To see Mt. Everest
  14. To visit all 50 states [19/50]
  15. To swim with dolphins 
  16. To swim with sting ray
  17. To see wildlife in Africa [zebras, lions, etc.]
  18. To see the northern lights
  19. To clearly see the Milky Way
  20. To clearly photograph the Milky Way
  21. To ride in a hot air balloon
  22. To go behind a waterfall
  23. To visit a castle
  24. To try really good vegan food at a restaurant
  25. To eat something out of the ordinary while in another country
  26. To see a shooting star
  27. To vacation on an island (Grand Cayman)
  28. To watch the sunrise and sunset at a beach
  29. To see an aligator 
  30. To see the stars in Arizona
  31. To hold a koala bear

Hiking / Adventure:

  1. To hike the Appalachian Trail
  2. To hike in (In the US):
  3. To go camping in a tent
  4. To explore a cave
  5. To go skiing
  6. To go snowboarding
  7. To milk a cow
  8. To zip line
  9. To see and hug a redwood tree
  10. To ride in a helicopter
  11. To go camping in the mountains
  12. To camp at Hocking Hills, OH
  13. To go backpacking
  14. To hold a snake 
  15. To go snorkeling 
  16. To go fishing
  17. To go icefishing
  18. To walk a suspension bridge
  19. To go kayaking (Indiana)
  20. To go paddle boarding (Virmilion, OH. Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe, Nevada.)
  21. To visit Yellowstone National Park
  22. To visit Yosemite National Park
  23. To visit Sequoia National Park
  24. To visit Glacier National Park
  25. To visit Rocky Mountain National Park
  26. To visit Zion National Park
  27. To visit the Grant Canyon
  28. To start a self made fire

Music / Worship / Ministry:

  1. To be a part of Soul Fire [Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia]
  2. To visit Hillsong LA 
  3. To visit Hillsong in Australia
  4. To go on a missions trip before I finish college (Haiti)
  5. To go on three missions trips before I am 30
  6. To preach 
  7. To see Hillsong in concert (3 times)
  8. To write and create a Worship album
  9. To see Imagine Dragons in concert
  10. To see Coldplay in concert
  11. To see Borns in concert
  12. To see United Pursuit in concert
  13. To write 5 songs before the summer of 2015 (Fire, You and I, Higher than it all, Before You, Same Sad Music, Glorious Sound(Aware) )
  14. To write 10 poems [6/10]
  15. To meet Eric Whitacre
  16. To finish a journal 
  17. To reach 1,000 subscribers on youtube
  18. To put an original song on youtube 
  19. To professionally record an original song

School years:

  1. To get my drivers license 
  2. To win a raffle
  3. To be happy with a school picture
  4. To get into the TV class
  5. To win a Student Emmy
  6. To have a mug collection
  7. To go to prom
  8. To graduate from high school
  9. To take on a leadership role in High School  (President of Concert Choir)
  10. To be the president of Concert Choir
  11. To be the president of Concert Choir 
  12. To sing the song “Sleep” by Eric Whitacre in concert choir 
  13. To have a special act in pop show all 4 years of choir (4/4)
  14. To get a job
  15. To be accepted into the college I am called to (Cedarville University)
  16. To attend a bible college
  17. To audition for and get into HeartSong
  18. To join a discipleship group
  19. To go on a missions trip while in college
  20. To start something of my own in college that has an effect on the school
  21. To take on a leadership role in college
  22. To get a job doing something I like to do
  23. To graduate college


  1. To have a career that allows me to travel
  2. To fall in love
  3. To get married
  4. To have a career that I am passionate about
  5. To start my own Worship group
  6. To be a part of Eric Whitacre’s choir
  7. To own a golden retriever
  8. To adopt
  9. To live in different places for 6 moths at a time for four years

Long term “Goals”:

  1. To hike in as many states/countries as I can
  2. To complete as many long-term hikes as I can
  3. To capture as much scenery as I can with photography and videography
  4. To stargaze in as many places as I can
  5. To travel always
  6. To see as much wildlife as I can
  7. To go to as many National and State parks as I can
  8. To road trip often

National/State Parks I have been to:

  1. Coconino Nation Forest, AZ
  2. Grand Canyon Nation Park, AZ
  3. Red Rock State Park, AZ
  4. Burton Creek State Park, CA

  5. Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, NV

  6. Emerald Bay State Park, CA

States I have been to:

  1. Ohio
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. Virginia
  4. North Carolina
  5. South Carolina
  6. New York
  7. California
  8. Indiana
  9. Florida
  10. West Virginia
  11. Hawaii
  12. Massachusetts
  13. Maryland
  14. Michigan
  15. Arizona
  16. Illinois
  17. New Jersey
  18. Nevada
  19. Kentucky
  20. Maine

Countries I’ve been to:

  1. Grand Cayman Islands
  2. Canada
  3. Haiti