Battle of the Eyes

Though my eyes are closed and asleep

My mind is restless and wide awake

Exploring a universe outside of this beautifully disgusting world

Hiking the path of infinite heart ache

Driving the road of instances that occurred both years ago and just today

Hurting and thriving all at once

When eyes are open, the inner battle is halted

But once those eyes are shut, the war rages on


Untouched Snow

Untouched snow

a scene so sensational and surreal

but so desperate for just a dent

just a footprint

just a touch

recognizably pure

like a child before stepping foot into their first day of school

that first step into reality infiltrates and stains their once unadulterated mind

that first step into the snow infiltrates and stains the once unadulterated sheet of white

it tempts you and mocks you, but the safest way to go is to not go at all

step back and keep that snow untouched

Music of the Earth

Busy streets create a beat unlike any other

Quiet roads are perfect notes made for one another

Hilltop trees and valley streams produce a smooth legato

While pouring rain and forest flames can make a short staccato

To hear is to know and to know is to feel and to feel is to understand

Understanding is knowing and knowing is feeling but feeling is more than a touch from a hand

A touch from a hand has no purpose or plan – a touch from a hand has no challenge

But a touch from the sounds of the earth and the ground is the hand and the sound balanced